Personal Connections

When picking the right vibrations to have around you, you should consider a few factors whether it is in terms of family, friends or romantic relationships.

Does this individual support you?

In any type of connection, you should feel supported. These people should applaud and encourage your dreams no matter how crazy these may sound! Great things only happen outside the comfort zone.

Do you share a common values?

Loyalty, honesty and respect are fundamental to me. If someone is talking about me behind my back instead of saying uncomfortable truths to my face, you best believe they are not meant to be around me.

Does this individual help you grow?

If you want proper expansion, you will need to be around people who share the same life vision as you.

I believe these are the 3 building blocks of a connection. There is obviously many more criteria to look into, however, if the answer is no to these three questions, you should take the time to reflect on your connection.

Pulling yourself out of a dark place

When you pulled yourself out of a dark place on your own, you won’t let anything or anyone break your life vision of peace.

Second chances only exist within the broken and pure intended.

You don’t owe anyone explanations if your nervous system and gut is triggered around someone’s presence or speech. Vibrations speak louder than words.

Take care of your elders

If your elders live at home with you (as my grandma!), make sure you give them reassurance and support during these times. If they do not, call them up endlessly please!!

Take care of them the same way they spoiled us as babies and kids

life is so very short, and they are such little angels (even if they’re stubborn and pessimistic sometimes)

I am so very glad I got to take my grandma on vacation last summer 🥰

In the Little Things

Love meets you in your mess not at your best. Most people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. They think it’s about the big events. It’s actually in the smallest things.

It’s about laughing endlessly until one person starts to hiccup. It’s about making the “task” of cleaning the house an actual fun activity. It’s about long conversations over diverse topics that have you questioning your entire identity.

Most people forget about the small things that build the foundation of our entire soul…

Not lucky – deserving

You attract what you are. If you are kind, generous, hard-working, loyal, authentic, you will naturally attract that type of vibration around you.

If you are fake, controlling, negative, jealous, insecure, you will attract that type of vibe around you.

As simple as that

Unfortunately, on certain occasions, good vibes may attract low vibes. This happens so that lessons can be learned.

Those lessons make you stronger, wiser and more assertive.

Learn and move along to your pure soul tribe.

It starts with your mindset

Life should be fun. It is normal that life can get stressful sometimes but we should never let our mental health get all fuzzy.

  1. Bad times are temporary
  2. You can create your reality – you are the master of your life
  3. You deserve the best in life – in relationships, your career, your vibrations
  4. Move forward and always move towards growth
  5. Your achievements do not define your worth

Holistically protecting yourself

The body is able to heal itself if you give it the chance. Putting in toxins onto and into your body is counterproductive because it weakens our chances of protection. My family is extremely immigrant and will most likely tell you to eat onions to diminish the symptoms of a cold and have 7UP to cure your stomach ache. Well, there is some truth in that!

  1. Your diet matters

Try to eat plant-based AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It has done wonders to my energy levels and concentration. When I eat red meat, I feel extremely tired and I feel like dragging my body across the room like a slug. Butter chicken or a cheeseburger are my occasional treats.

2. Exercice exercice exercice!

Personally, I prefer low-stress exercices over high-stress exercices. I used to enjoy going to the gym but then I discovered the wonders of resistance bands!! They are honestly so magical since you can actually tone and bulk. Even though nowadays gym memberships aren’t too pricey, if you can work out at home, I would highly recommend purchasing some.

3. Apply ONLY acceptable ingredients onto your skin

Gosh, did my family ever make fun of me for being so intense on my eco-friendly speeches… “IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY SHOW OFF NO PARABENS, NO SILICONE THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE DISODIUM EDTA, BUT THE MARKETING COMPANIES ARE SNAKES AND WRITE IT TINY IN THE INGREDIENTS SECTION” yelling at the top of my lungs

But seriously… read the label. If there is an ingredient that seems like it is named after some mutant, it is most likely not safe to apply on your skin.

4. Wearing breathable fabric

I try my best to purchase cotton or linen as much as possible. Polyester is made out of toxic components so keep an eye out! It could actually irritate your skin and affect your general well-being. Ladies, wear cotton underwear only to avoid infections.